Aldona Pure Linen

Aldona Pure Linen was established in 2003, supplying the South African market with the world’s finest pure linen. With our experience, we noticed an opportunity to expand our organic product range not limited to but including; bed linen, table linen, soaps, fragrances, clothing, upholstery and crystal glasses. The loving touch of our CEO is evident in all we do and was instrumental in reaching our goal of creating a company delivering a world of beauty, elegance and tradition among the other mass produced products.

Our drive to innovate, improve and continually exceed customer expectations has led to our success. Not only have we been featured in the Louis Vuitton City Guide for two consecutive years but places such as the Oppenheimer’s Tswalu Lodge, Richard Branson’s Ulusaba Lodge and The Private Bishop’s Villa have chosen our products for their guests and residents.

ADVANTAGES OF PURE LINEN NON-ALLERGIC of all known yarns, pure linen creates the best microclimate for the human skin. Pure Linen regained its earlier popularity in the 21st century when it was realised that the use of pure linen helped cure many diseases including leprosy.

HEALTH Pure Linen is rich in omega-3 and can be used to treat wounds and burns. CALMING Wrapped in pure linen night clothes, it is easier to fall asleep and rest soundly.

LOW STATIC Pure Linen has a low absorption rate of static electricity and, more importantly, is not a source of it. This is of great importance for people sensitive to synthetic fibres, for whom the presence of electric charges is undesirable. It is cool in summer and warm in winter.

RESISTANT Among natural fibres, pure linen has the best resistance to friction and tension (three times higher than that of cotton). Pure Linen is strong, its colours stay fast even at high temperatures and it has excellent dimensional stability (i.e. it does not shrink).

ECOLOGICAL Pure linen is completely biodegradable and leaves no waste materials during its processing. Properly calibrated pure linen does not contain heavy metals or unwholesome substances which are of great importance for our environment

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