Alexander Avery Fine Chocolates

At alexander avery fine chocolates we create a sensational range of filled chocolates and other confectionary products using only the finest ingredients, to introduce contemporary flavours with innovative designs to south africa. We produce delicious products, which are beautifully packaged to be retailed in a select number of handpicked establishments.

Just as we aim to push the boundary in terms of quality and flavour, so we also strive to create beautiful packaging for our products. 'Made to order' is the core of our business, and we supply a range of products for any special occasions including weddings and corporate functions, in addition to creating bespoke chocolates for restaurants and hotels.

Our passion

the focus of our business is to incorporate the modern influences in chocolate and confectionary making which one sees in europe. However, the fun of the business is to work with customers in order to create bespoke chocolates reflecting their taste and desires. Just as it is exciting for us to taste a new and interesting flavour combination, so it is exciting to see our customers discover these creations too and the satisfaction they find in our products.