Cape Cobra Hire

Of course if you are going bare yourself to the world you should do it in style. And if you literally want to blow your hair back the Cape Cobra has to be one of the most thrilling topless cars around. The leather seats, the flawless shiny paintwork, the two distinctive racing stripes down the middle… Make it in pink and add an auto-lipstick fandangle in the dashboard and you’d have Penelope Pitstop whimpering with longing.  And it’s not just easy on the eye.  It also handles like a kitten with an unfeasibly throaty roar and a tad more oomph in its 5.7l engine than the standard hire car.  It’s no surprise that the Cobra is rumoured to be the reason that the UK introduced speed limits back in the 1960s.


Address: 10 Hermes Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town

Contact number:  +27 (0)83 321 9193

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