Classic Cars to meet guests in Camps Bay at an agreed location at 15h00 to be at Klein Constantia at 16h00

Buitenverwachting/Beyond not available on Sundays

For this itinerary, prepare to feel like a movie star on their day off. We start with a ride in a classic vintage car and end off toasting to the sweet life over the most magnificent six-course meal. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and a unique experience of Cape Town’s picturesque Constantia Valley.


Scenic Vintage Car drive from Camps Bay to Constantia

The strip of road from Camps Bay to Constantia has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of road in the world. On the one side, you have the crashing waves of the cool Atlantic and on the other side, you have the iconic Twelve Apostles mountains towering up. Now imagine driving this pretty strip in a vintage Bondesque car with the top down and your hair blowing in the wind. The interiors of these cars are so luxurious and spacious. You feel like you’ve travelled back in time. To a time where quality, timelessness and elegance took preference. This is the best way to reach our next destination, as it perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come.

Cost: R3 100 per car (max 4 people per car)


Sauvignon Blanc Tasting and Artisanal Cheese board at Klein Constantia

Klein Constantia’s location on the upper foothills of the Constantiaberg makes it the ideal place to produce world-class Sauvignon Blanc. They are known for their Vin de Constance which is regularly listed as one of the world’s best natural sweet wines. In this tasting, you’ll have the pleasure of tasting their different Sauvignon Blancs, each with its own unique characteristics, stories and flavours. Each expresses the estate’s unique terroir in its own way. With its antique furniture and beautiful stained glass windows, their tasting room has a distinguished atmosphere. It has giant glass panes overlooking their working wine cellar, so you’ll really feel like you’re at the heart of the farm.

The word ‘cheeseboard’ definitely doesn’t do the accompanying smorgasbord of flavours justice. Their range of cheese is simply exquisite. Each brings something to the tasting and highlights something different in the wines. You’ll definitely have to take multiple sips to decide on a favourite to take home with you!

Cost: R250 per person for Sauv Blanc Tasting and R155 for a cheeseboard for 2 pax


Vintage Wine Tasting at Buitenverwachting

Classic Cars to drop guests at Buiten and alternative transport arranged back to accommodation

Hop back into your vintage car and take a leisurely drive under the ancient oaks on the way to our next stop: Buitenverwachting. Here the farm’s charming owner Lars Maack will take you for a special tasting, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Below the Manor House (dating back to 1769), there was a secret cellar the owners discovered and remodelled. Now it feels like a secret party spot only the real VIPs know of. Lars is a wonderful storyteller and knows the history of this farm and area like the back of his hand. Here he pours you multiple different vintages of their full-bodied Christine wine. Named after his mother, this wine is bold, strong and tough, just like its namesake. This Bordeaux style blend consists of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and will warm you right up. As you taste multiple vintages your palette will get to travel back in time.

Once you’ve chatted up an appetite it’s time to head over the estate’s latest endeavour that goes beyond expectations: Beyond Restaurant.

Cost: R450 per person (8 person min) | includes 5 vintages of Christine and canape/snack board


Six-course feast at Beyond Restaurant

The culinary mastermind Peter Templehoff has put together an experience that’s not only beyond expectations but also beyond compare. The chef-patron of FYN Restaurant (recently named as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world) focuses on local producers and seasonality to create dishes unique to this area and time. The food is elegant, satisfying and unpretentious, while the setting is warm and welcoming. Huge window panes offer a view of the vineyards at sunset as the valley cools down for the night. You’ll feel right at home but the food will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The portions are also generous and the service is really something to write home about. Even the plates, boards and bowls the dishes are served on are completely unique! It’s really something you’ll need to experience to understand. Let’s just say the bar for dining has been raised.

Cost: R1 626 per person (including gratuity but excluding an additional drinks)


SUMMARY: Enjoy a culinary feast like no other in the exquisite Constantia Valley! You’ll be driven to your wine farm destinations in vintage cars, to enjoy good food with a view. Your first stop is Klein Constantia where you’ll sip on world-class Sauvignon Blanc while enjoying an artisanal cheese board. Next, relish in aged wines as part of an intimate wine tasting with the charming owner of Buitenverwachting. You’ll end the evening on an unforgettable note as you sit down for a mind-blowing six-course meal at Beyond Restaurant.

 Total Cost: R 3 181 + 12% booking fee | R3 563 per person

Based on Min of 8 people for Buiten

2 x Classic Cars at R 3 100 per car | R775 per person

Vintage Tasting at Christine Cellar | R 450 per person

Sauv Blanc Tasting and Cheeseboard | R330 per person

Dinner at Beyond | R1 626