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Imagine an ideal homecoming where you are welcomed with open arms. Good food, great company and excellent wine await you in a paradise setting. Welcome to the Constantia Valley.

For our Cultural Day itinerary, you’ll get to experience Cape Town’s history and rich culture in a way you’ve never experienced before. All in excellent company. Your guide from Vindigo Travel will make you feel right at home and can share a story about every landmark along the way. Vindigo Travel can curate their tours specifically to your needs and interests. For our first stop on our Cultural adventure, we head towards a historic Kramat in the most glorious setting.


Visit the Historic Kramat at Klein Constantia

Standing at this Kramat (a shrine to Muslim holy man’s burial places) means you are standing at a significant place in world history. You’re in the presence of a place that has seen great resilience and unshakable faith.

Cape Town has more than 20 Kramats that are believed to form a protective circle around the city.

Ishaam Panday who maintains this beautiful site is here to answer questions and share his insider knowledge about this place. The extraordinary white, green and yellow building was designed by one of the city’s leading architects Gawie Fagan. Take off your shoes to visit inside and take a moment to breathe in the significance of this place.

Here rests the Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Shah. He arrived in the Cape in 1668 and was thus one of the first political exiles brought here. He was one of the last of the Malaccan Sultans. Malacca was one of the greatest military, Islamic and trade strongholds in the Malaysian Peninsula in the 15th century. The brave Sultan was seen as ‘Orang Cayen’, meaning a man of power and influence. After the Dutch captured him, he was sent to the Cape as an exile. Here he is believed to have taught the slaves he met the way of Islam prior to his death in the 1680s. He meditated next to this calming stream, under these trees, overlooking these green fields.

Once you’ve meditated and paid your respects, get ready for our next stop: Groot Constantia.


Manor House and Cellar Tour at Groot Constantia

South Africa’s oldest wine producing farm, Groot Constantia is a bucket-list item for any wine- and history-loving traveller and a must-visit while in Cape Town. Once you’ve disembarked and laid eyes on their epic Cape Dutch Manor House, sprawling vineyards and luscious green lawns, you will instantly see why.

We start with a guided tour of the renowned Manor House. As you enter, the statue of the ‘Lady of Abundance’ looks down on you. A blessing of abundance is indeed what you’re in for. In each grand room, you’ll be surrounded by tangible pieces of history. Your guide will share the secrets the pieces of furniture could hide, where the slaves could meet to share stories and how the various owners used this home. It’s an intimate museum. Just be sure to stick to your guide, rumours are that this place is haunted. It would explain the chills and gooseflesh you’re bound to experience.

Next, we head towards their Wine Cellar where you’ll get a real “behind the scenes” look at what goes into the winemaking process. After this tour, you will have a new appreciation for wine cork, wine barrels and the amount of knowledge, passion, labour and creativity that goes into a single bottle of wine.

There is a list of distinguished historical figures that were fans of Constantia wines that includes Napoleon Bonaparte, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. You’ll certainly want to add your name to the list after you’ve visited!


Wine and Chocolate Tasting at the Cloete Cellar

The Cloete Cellar is the birthplace of their famed Grand Constance wine. Prepare to have your mind (and palette) blown by their exquisite wine and chocolate pairings.

Try five of their wines with five of their unique, handmade chocolates with flavour combinations that will surprise and delight. Each wine and chocolate pairs beautifully to give you a rich sensory experience. First, observe, smell and taste the wine to see what you taste. Next allow a bite of the chocolate to melt on your tongue and take note of what you taste. When you taste the wine again, it will taste like a different wine altogether. It’s like an art exhibition for your mouth.

This ingenious pairing is a collaboration between three masters: viticulturist Floricius Beukes, winemaker Boela Gerber and local chocolate master Merv Howell Annelize Morkel. You’re guaranteed to get more than you’ve bargained for and we haven’t even mentioned that you’ll get to take your wine glass home as a keepsake!

CV Note: Please see highlighted changes from GC

Cost: R175 per person (This cost is for the Visitors Route Experience plus chocolate and wine pairing)


Cape Malay Tasting Plate at Jonkershuis at Groot Constantia

Sit down at the charming Jonkerhuis Restaurant for a relaxing lunch packed with flavour. You’ll get to experience three Cape Malay Dishes in one sitting, perfectly paired with wine, of course. On your plate, you’ll have chicken curry, lamb curry and South Africa’s national dish: bobotie (curried minced meat topped with an egg-based crust). Served with poppadoms, spicy butternut, rice and samoosas, you’ll definitely get a taste for local cuisine at this table.

CV Note: Please change Samoosas to Samoosa

Cost: R252 per person (excluding drinks and gratuity)

Once your stomach is completely satisfied you can get back on the road. Before you leave the farm, be sure to stop at the gift shop for a souvenir or to buy some of those handmade chocolates you had at the tasting.


Explore the gallery and gardens at Norval Foundation

Once you’ve arrived at the Norval Foundation, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the building IS the artwork. This architectural marvel is a beauty to look at and it’s hard to believe it’s even more beautiful on the inside.

The gallery hosts exciting exhibitions of 20th- and 21st-century artists from South Africa and beyond. These exhibitions will envelop you in art and creativity. Once you’ve meandered through the art exhibitions, step outside to appreciate the sculptures playfully interacting with the natural surrounds in this world-class garden designed by renowned landscaper Keith Kirsten.

The gallery is located on the edge of a natural wetland, which it is committed to protecting. You’ll get to appreciate plenty of indigenous plants and animals as well as sculptures by famous artists as you walk. Here a Protea, here a crab, there a rock giant making a somersault in the kid’s garden (Angus Taylor’s Holderstebolder). Spot three-dimensional artworks by well-known artists like Norman Catherine, Yinka Shonibare CBE, William Kentridge, Nandipha Mntambo, and Brett Murray while you walk. Near the end of the walk, you’ll be treated to a ‘sound’ exhibition that is bound to capture your imagination.

CV Note: Norval is closed on a Tuesday

Cost: R180 per person (Gallery and Garden)


Coffee & Cake at Skotnes Restaurant at the Norval Foundation

The beautiful decor and setting of the Skotnes Restaurant at the Norval Foundation set it apart from every other restaurant in the world. With its impressive art pieces and furniture, thoughtful decor and massive windows overlooking the gardens, the restaurant perfectly match the gallery’s energy. Our day ends on a sweet note with the Cake of the Day and an excellently brewed cup of coffee. Be warned though! Once you’ve had this cheesecake you will definitely want to return for more as soon as possible.

Be sure to stop by the Norval Foundation’s reception to see what exhibition-related keepsakes and souvenirs are for sale for you to take back for friends and family.

Cost: R130 (excluding gratuity and any additional food and drinks)


SUMMARY: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Constantia Valley. Our day starts with a visit to one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa: Groot Constantia. Here you’ll explore the Manor House Museum and the cellar, try a chocolate and wine tasting, and feast on local Cape Malay dishes at their Jonkershuis Restaurant. Next, you’ll explore the Norval Foundation’s current art exhibitions and admire their thought-provoking sculptures in the garden. Finish the day on a sweet note with a dessert of choice at their artful Skotnes Restaurant.

CV Note: This should stay start at the Kramat adjoining Klein Constantia

Total Cost:


Vehicle and Guide, bottled water, full insurance

Groot Constantia Visitor Experience plus Chocolate and Wine pairing

Norval Entrance

Norval Coffee and Cake







R7985 pp


R7500/2= R3750




R4235 pp


R7500/3 = R2500




R2985 pp


R7500/4 =





R2360 pp


R7500/5 = R1500




R1985 pp


R7500/6 = R1250




R1735 pp


R7500/7 =R1070




R1555 pp


Please note that all our tours are for private groups and are not scheduled. We do not run them on a Tuesday as the Norval Foundation is closed.

The above rates do not include any extra drinks, meals or gratuities which are for own account.