Peter Gilder Jewellery

Jewellery is part of your personal expression and at Peter Gilder, we know that not everyone can find the perfect “off the shelf” piece to suit them. Our expert designers consult on an exclusive, one-on-one basis and, along with our fully equipped workshop, our highly skilled goldsmiths will turn your dreams into exquisitely crafted reality.

In 1987, Peter Gilder launched an in-house manufacturing service with the hire of Peter’s first designer and goldsmith. Today the store boasts 4 in-house goldsmiths, who work full-time on-site in the in-store workshop to produce exquisite items of our own design and those of our customers. Supporting the designers is a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. The Peter Gilder story may be more than quarter of a century old, but it is only the beginning for this brand. Under Peter’s guidance, the Peter Gilder story will continue brighter and stronger than ever before. And with a bit more free time, who knows, Peter might get to spend some more time on the drums and revive his rock and roll career!