Skydance Villa

Skydance is situated in the Cape's small, affluent and lush, residential suburbs of Constantia bordering Bishopscourt, approximately 20 minutes from the Center of Cape Town, which neighbors some of the oldest Vineyards in Constantia and is less than 50m from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens top gate entrance. It sits high above on the highest hills of Bishopscourt and Constantia which enjoys some of the best views offered in this region and gives you the sense that you are almost in the clouds.

This 6 bedroom villa with its exquisitely tended gardens which is serviced by a borehole, overlooks the mountain and ocean and enjoys various generous reception rooms and entertainment areas and pool room. Skydance Villa, offered as an exclusive use only in the heart of the Constantia’s wine region and Kirstenbosch Gardens is a decadently indulgent yet informal for the perfect family vacation villa.

Address: 53 Klaasens Rd, Constantia, Cape Town

Contact Number: 082 838 2440

Website: www.