Tasneens Linen

Tasneens Linen is a Private Owned Company established 15th  August 2017.

Tasneens Linen is a Manufacturer and Retailer of Tailored Hospitality Bed Linen, Table Linen, Gowns and various other Hotel Textiles. Our goal at Tasneens Linen is not to meet our client’s high service standards and qualities but to exceed them. As we grow we promise to stay true to our core, always give expert advice even if it means we lose out on a sale. To deliver high quality products even if we need to cut our profits. Promise to try our utmost to meet deadlines. We pursue Excellence. Our dedication to the client will show in everything we do.

e promise to always act with integrity. How we do business is as important to us as the business we do.

About Tasneen:

The founder Tasneen Lakay had the rug pulled out right under her feet when she went to work one Monday morning and received an email saying that she and the remaining staff must take their personal belongings and vacate the premises, the authorities was on their way to liquidate the business.

“After 23 years of blood sweat and tears I only left with my handbag.  I could not bare the look of distraught faces when looking at the other staff members. None of us knew how we would pay our bills and where we would find new jobs in this tough economic times. Not feeling sorry for myself I pulled together all of my strengths and courage, spoke to my husband and we took out a loan to start this new venture.

With my 23 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry and good relations with suppliers, I was further encouraged and supported by suppliers to take the leap from being and employee to becoming employer.  I have carefully selected my staff and with the knowledgeable team I can ensure a high quality product at competitive prices with educated and expert advice to all clients from the biggest hotel to the home executives.”