The Avenue Restaurant and Grill

The Avenue Restaurant and Grill, situated in 2nd Avenue on the trendy restaurant strip in Harfield Village, Claremont, is aptly named after its building, which served the local community as “The Avenue Dairy” since 1931.

Superstition has it that Friday the Thirteenth may not be the best day to start a new venture. This did not deter father and daughter – Tony and Farah Mason – from opening the doors of The Avenue on Friday the 13th July 2012. On the contrary this particular day proved the beginning of a very successful restaurant and grill that started with a dream…

Tony’s speciality – Hand-picked and matured for 6 weeks – grilled to perfection

Alternative dishes prepared with soy steaks and burger options for the vegetarians

Only the freshest fish daily with its own unique twist prepared by chef Rudi