Vovo Telo

It all began with hunger on a Madagascan beach back in July 2006… And then an old man on an old bicycle answered the owners of Vovo Telo's craving for great bread; with his bike stacked high with fresh baguettes the taste and experience was something to cherish and it was something they wanted everyone back home to enjoy. And so with that the name Vovo Telo was born, taken from a place and a moment in time where the inspiration first took hold of them.

Over time, customers began to realise what artisan baking was all about and eventually, they would even begin to bring their own fillings for the freshly baked bread and sit and eat them on the stoep. So they thought it was only hospitable to put down some tables and chairs, and perhaps offer a perfect coffee to go with that morning croissant. From there, options expanded into a range of sandwiches, pastries, light breakfasts and lunches that you can enjoy at any of their bakeries today.